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Joey Fehrman's Biography

Joey Fehrman, CFA, is an Ivy League graduate with over seven years experience in finance. He has managed millions of dollars for wealthy families and institutions for two of the largest wealth management teams at top-tier investment banks, including Morgan Stanley in New York. While there, he managed portfolios, provided financial advice, and developed profitable investment strategies.

He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, CFA charterholder, and native of Omaha.  As an entrepreneur, investor, and author, he is committed to life-long learning and continuous self-improvement.


Sample Interview Questions

  • What made you want to write the first ever personal finance adventure novel?
  • Is it actually an adventure story?
  • What is your background?
  • What topics does it cover?
  • What's an example of a lesson?
  • How is it possible to make financial lessons entertaining?
  • What are a couple tips people can start using right away?
  • What is the biggest financial mistake people make?
  • Who can benefit the most from this book?
  • Do you have any success stories from people reading the book?
  • This novel comes with a money back guarantee?

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Interview Topics

  • How You Can Master Your Finances While Being Entertained (with Pirates)
  • A Goal Setting System You Can Use to Accomplish Your Dreams
  • How You Can Blow Money on Things You Want... And Do It in a Responsible Way So You Can Feel Good About It
  • The Three Biggest Reasons You Aren't Financially Successful and How to Fix It
  • The Three Most Financially Responsible Celebrities and What You Can Learn From Them
  • Five Overlooked Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Children / Grandchildren
  • The Five Steps to Become a Millionaire

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Overview of Pirates of Financial Freedom

Pirates of Financial Freedom is the first book of its kind: an exciting adventure story that teaches over seventy actionable personal finance lessons, great for young adults and adults.

Description from Back Cover

With his back against the wall, Captain Dailey is forced to make a deal that’s against every pirate bone in his body. In return, his son must save the crew from their financial problems before it is too late.
In between gun fights, kidnappings, a blossoming romance, humorous pirate-isms, mythical beasts, and a long-lost treasure so extraordinary that is threatens to tear the crew apart, they must master:
Paying down debt quickly, effortlessly saving for retirement, securing a higher credit score, investing in the stock market, budgeting effectively, prudent spending habits, buying a first home, achieving powerful money mindsets, and much more.

Book Information

Title:  Pirates of Financial Freedom
Author:  Joey Fehrman
Publisher:  Ludus Media
Pages:  203
Retail Price:  Hardcover $29.99, eBook $24.99
ISBN:  Hardcover 978-0-9915474-0-1
Formats:  Hardcover and eBook
Available for purchase at