Pirates of Financial Freedom Reviews

2015 Los Angeles Book Festival Award Winner

First Place in the Business Category

Foreword Reviews' 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards

Finalist in the Humor Category

Shiver me timbers! The nominal exploits of an anachronistic group of 17th century buccaneers becomes the vehicle for better understanding personal financing 101... A novel way to explore the fundamentals of sound financial planning.

Kirkus Reviews

Joey Fehrman, a CFA, had a novel approach to teaching young adults financial literacy concepts; He wrote one.  Throughout the book are examples of people taking action and seeing positive results. The last chapter encourages readers to set SMART goals (an acronym for Specific, Measureable, Ambitious, Realistic and Time-bound) that will help them reach ‘the next level.’

Donald Liebenson, Writer for Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and Huffington Post

Written to appeal to all ages, Pirates of Financial Freedom is a unique novel that weaves practical, real-world financial common sense about budgeting and debt management into a high-seas pirate adventure! ... Pirates of Financial Freedom is as entertaining as it is educational, and highly recommended for public library collections, especially since financial literacy is all but required to achieve success in today's world!

Midwest Book Review

The BEST book to teach finance to kids.

Karyn Tripp, Former Teacher

Character development was great, and the storyline kept me reading until the end… The humor in the story is great for a pre-teen or a big kid like myself.

Romeo Jeremiah, Author of The Wealth Number

It was an entertaining read and… even I learned a few new things after reading this book.

Cathy, Accountant

The finance advice and information is completely and utterly sound, so I give the book an A+ on that front.

Kristen, Frugality Expert

It’s fun (unlike most financial literacy materials), my kids enjoy the lessons, and the lessons are short and to the point.

Ticia, Former Elementary School Teacher

The best thing about this book is that it is truly entertaining... Hard to grasp subjects are presented in an entertaining and easy to understand way…  You will undoubtedly learn with your child.  I learned so much from this book.  Really.  There's nothing more rewarding than learning alongside your child...  This information will stick with your child.  Teaching with living books makes it stick.  They might not remember bullet points from a textbook, but they will surely remember a nail biting story about pirates!

Alicia, Mother of Four

I highly recommend this book for all.

Imran Tariq, Millionaire from the UK

If you have been looking for a creative way to teach financial literacy for kids, Pirates of Financial Freedom is a fun book that will do just that! Who knew that a fiction novel about pirates could teach so much that a regular math program leaves out?

Susan Evans, Mom of Three

High schools and junior high schools around the country should jump at adding this book to their libraries…  Every chapter has a good lesson and a fun bit of story that could be expanded on in a classroom setting with no trouble.

Mel at brokeGIRLrich, Personal Finance Blogger

The book, set in the present day, takes on core lessons in finance -- from credit cards to savings accounts -- in a way that's fresh and interesting.  [It] gives you all the financial lessons many families would need to lay the foundation of a life time of smart money choices, and it is priced right.

Linsey Knerl, Consultant

I highly recommend Pirates of Financial Freedom as an introduction to financial basics.

Melissa, Homeschooling Mother of Three

'Arrr’ you looking for a new kind of financial novel? Does sifting through boring textbooks with little entertainment value make you want to walk the plank? Want to add some adventure to your financial life? Then this is the book for you!

Jess Buike, Author

I liked it… everyone can find some useful tips in this book.

Olav, 24 year old male from the Netherlands

The author, Joey Fehrman, labeled his book as an “edutainment” book, meaning both educational and entertaining and he hit the nail on the head!

Heidi, Homeschooling Mom

This is a book everyone should have in their personal library...  I knew reading a book about [finance] would be a boring experience, so I never bothered.  But with this book, everything was different.  It is so much more enjoyable to learn something new while at the same time reading a fascinating story.

Cazara Corbu, 22 year old female from Romania

The concept is great. I think it would be awesome to use this as a tool to teach kids about financial stuff, because there are a lot of gems in here… The jokes are amazing. The golden retriever one cracked me up so much that I walked over to my dog and told him it. He didn't laugh.

Amazon.com Reviewer

I give Pirates of Financial Freedom two thumbs up.

Mary, Military Spouse Mom

Wow! What a refreshingly original manuscript! I have read and edited hundreds of books and can say that I haven’t encountered anything quite like it before. It was action-packed and the characters were larger-than-life. Joey has a solid writing style and the overall story arc was strong. I enjoyed reading the book and felt it provided a lot of helpful financial advice.

Winslow Eliot, Editor and Author

“I laughed out loud at the female pirate, Sandy's, joke, ‘What's the difference between a man and a bond?’  A bond matures!  This sort of hilarity is typical of the book, which kept my boys interested.”

Shecki, Military Spouse Mom


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