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You Can Finally Master Your Finances While Being Entertained!

Apply these powerful lessons and take control of your financial destiny

Pirates of Financial Freedom book Pirates of Financial Freedom book
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Master Essential Personal Finance Skills

  • pay down debt quickly

    Paying Down Debt Quickly

  • investing in the stock market

    Investing in the Stock Market

  • prudent spending habits

    Prudent Spending Habits

  • effortlessly save for retirement

    Effortlessly Saving for Retirement

  • budgeting

    Budgeting Effectively

  • powerful money mindsets

    Achieving Powerful Money Mindsets

  • higher credit score

    Securing a Higher Credit Score

  • buy your first home

    Buying Your First Home

  • over 75 personal finance concepts

Get a Sneak-Peek of Actual Pages

page 54

Page 54

The crew meets the enemy of inflation

page 122

Page 122

A game that shows different types of Exchange Traded Fund investments

page 167

Page 167

An explanation of credit scores in between threats of torture


Educational and Entertaining

This novel combines a pirate adventure story with a personal finance self-help book to create financial edutainment. The result? A fun, refreshing twist on learning valuable and actionable financial lessons.

teens and twenties

Perfect for Those Who Know Little About Money

Designed with the financial newbie in mind, every concept is explained assuming no prior knowledge. The information is presented in an approachable, easy-to-understand, and enjoyable way.

adventure novel

A Page-Turning Adventure

Adventure, humor, romance, and… finance? That's right. Finally, a personal finance book that isn't boring! Filled with treasure hunts, sword fights, laugh-out-loud dialogue, plot twists, and more.

Wow! What a refreshingly original manuscript! I have read and edited hundreds of books and can say that I haven’t encountered anything quite like it before. It was action-packed and the characters were larger-than-life. Joey has a solid writing style and the overall story arc was strong. I enjoyed reading the book and felt it provided a lot of helpful financial advice. Winslow Eliot Editor and author
Shiver me timbers! The nominal exploits of an anachronistic group of 17th century buccaneers becomes the vehicle for better understanding personal financing 101... A novel way to explore the fundamentals of sound financial planning. Kirkus Reviews
It’s like an “everything you always wanted to know about your finances but didn’t know who to ask” kind of story. It’s great! Delightful read and informative at the same time. I will definitely recommend it to my young adult clients since the story is entertaining enough to hold their attention, and the financial advice is so good everyone can benefit from it. Juli Shulem ADHD Productivity Coach in Santa Barbara, CA

An Exciting Plot that Keeps You Guessing

exciting plot

With his back against the wall, Captain Dailey is forced to make a deal that’s against every pirate bone in his body. In return, his son must save the crew from their financial problems before it is too late.

In between gun fights, kidnappings, a blossoming romance, humorous pirate-isms, mythical beasts, and a long-lost treasure so extraordinary that it threatens to tear the crew apart, they must master life-changing personal finance skills.

Financial Concepts Covered in Depth

financial concepts covered in depth

More than surface-level generalities you’ve heard a million times, this book is packed with hard-hitting concepts that you can take action on right now. It covers mathematical examples, cutting-edge techniques, and advanced concepts. The novel includes exclusive content developed by the author, including the “Think Delay” mentality and Ten Times Test. Even if you’ve read other personal finance books, this novel can take you to the next level.

Profit from the Author's Experience

Joey Fehrman

Joey Fehrman, CFA, is an Ivy League graduate with over seven years experience in finance. He has managed millions of dollars for wealthy families and institutions for two large wealth management teams at top-tier investment banks. While there, he managed portfolios, provided financial advice, and developed profitable investment strategies. He studied for years to become a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder, the gold-standard designation in the finance industry. He is a native of Omaha and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. As an entrepreneur, investor, and author, he is committed to life-long learning and continuous self-improvement.

the ultimate gift

Give the Ultimate Gift: Financial Literacy

Know someone who needs to improve their money habits, but doesn’t want to be bored in the process? This novel makes a great gift for graduations, birthdays, holidays, or just a gift that says, “I care about you.” They will thank you later when they achieve a life of financial freedom.

giving to charity

10% Going to Charity

This novel encourages giving to charity, and the author follows his own advice. Ten-percent of gross sales from all books sold will be donated to the author’s favorite charities and causes.

teens and twenties

Designed Specifically for Teens and Twenty-somethings

This novel was written specifically for those in their teens and twenties, with their most important needs in mind. However, people of all ages can benefit from these up-to-date and actionable concepts.

Achieve the Financial Life of Your Dreams

  • debt free faster

    Become debt-free faster without needing to make extra income

  • automate your accounts

    Automate your accounts to become wealthy without having to think or do any work

  • mindsets of the wealthy

    Adopt the mindsets of the wealthy so you can become one of them

  • avoid costly mistakes

    Avoid costly mistakes that you will regret later

  • learn personal finance skills

    Learn skills that will benefit you today… and thirty years from now

  • become a millionaire

    Become a millionaire with a modest income using the power of compound interest

  • stop feeling guilty about your finances

    Stop feeling guilty about procrastinating on getting your finances handled

  • lay a solid financial foundation

    Lay the foundation necessary to make you wildly rich in the future

  • blow money on fun things

    Harness your finances so you can responsibly blow money on fun things you want

  • paycheck to paycheck to millionaires

    Learn the five steps people have used to go from paycheck-to-paycheck to millionaires

  • avoid financial stress

    Get yourself out of money trouble and avoid financial-related stress to begin with

  • get to the next level financially

    Take yourself to the next level financially, whether you are currently rich or poor

The Novel with a Money-Back Guarantee

Guaranteed 90 days

This book will improve your financial situation or your money back. While we can’t guarantee that you will achieve everything mentioned on this site, if you read the novel, follow its advice, and don’t see a noticeable difference in your own financial life within three months, we’ll give you a full refund.

Free “Step-by-Step Goal Setting” Bonus Chapter

bonus goal setting chapter

You can’t just read this book and expect to achieve financial freedom; you need to take action. This bonus chapter gives you a step-by-step goal-setting system to harness the motivation you will feel after reading this novel. Use it to make sure you follow-through on obtaining the financial life of your dreams.

  • If the thought of old textbook-style personal finance bores you…
  • If you want to finally feel secure and confident about your money situation...
  • If becoming richer than your friends and parents excites you...

Then take action today.

Take control of your destiny RIGHT NOW and start achieving the thriving life of financial success you deserve!

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Available in Hardcover and eBook