POFFblog #1: Who Is Ken Dewit?

Ahoy! I be Ken Dewit and this be me first blog post. I be trying to reach financial freedom, so join me on me journey.



Ahoy me hearties!  I be Ken Dewit, and I be a pirate.

But I be havin’ a problem.  Me treasure’s disappearing faster than a ship in the Bermuda triangle, ha har.

So I’m gonna be tacklin’ me finances in the New Year.

But how can a pirate be learnin’ about finance?  Glad ye asked.  With a book called Pirates of Financial Freedom of course.  Aye, me mate be tellin’ me about it, and it be the first personal finance adventure novel.

I be wantin’ to record me journey and the lessons I be learnin’ along the way.  Ye landlubbers love yer b-logs, so I decided to start me own.  Ye think yer pretty cuttin’ edge with yer bee-logs, cuttin’ edge like me cutlass!  But us pirates have had something similar for a long, long time. It be called a Captain’s log, or c-log for short.

What else?  Aye, I guess I’m supposed to be saying something about meself.  Me name be Ken Dewit.  Oh wait I already be sayin’ that.  Hmmmm.  Ah. I love gold, and crab legs.  Aye, crab legs.  I be wantin’ me own ship someday.  I be allergic to rum.  I be likin’…  Oh, sweet Calypso!  I didn’t want others to be knowing that.  Please, please don’t be tellin’ anybody about me rum allergy.  It be embarrassing.  What if the other pirates found out?  Oh, hold yer hornpipe.  What do I be thinkin.  No one’s gonna be watching this anyway.  After all, who’d want to watch a pirate talk about finance?  Ha har.

What else? Aye, I be having the softest beard this side of the seven seas.  That be a fact!  And I be hatin’ pirate jokes, so don’t be tellin’ me any.  Aye, this landlubber wench be coming up me the other day and said, “How much does it cost a pirate to get his ears pierced?  A buck an ear.”  Not funny.

So that be enough about me fer now.  If ye be wanting to know anything else let me know.

So I’ll be startin’ to read this here book and will tell ye about it in me next b-log post.  I want each of me posts to teach a lesson.  Hmm. I don’t really be havin’ a lesson for this one.  Let me think.  Aye, I got it matey!  Learning don’t have to be boring.  Aye.  If ye want to learn something or make a change in ye life, know that it don’t have to be unpleasurable and borin’.  For me, I be wanting to learn about building me treasure, so I found a book to teach me, and this book is supposed to be entertaining.  And it better be entertaining or I’m gonna make the author walk the plank!  Ha har.  So that be the lesson for today, find a way to make learning fun and have it be something ye look forward to.