POFFblog #2: Pirates of Financial Freedom

Learn about Pirates of Financial Freedom, the exciting book I be readin’.


Avast me hearties.   I be Ken Dewit, and I be starting to read Pirates of Financial Freedom.  The first sentence of the book be “fire the cannons”!  Aye, that be me kind of book.  Nothing like starting off right in the middle of the action with cannon fire.  P-choo. Ah, that’s no sound for a cannon.  Ka-boom! Aye, that be better.

The rest of the chapter be having more action and more cannon fire, so now I be excited to be reading the rest.  For those who don’t know, here’s what the back of the book be sayin’.  Ah-hem.  With his back against the wall, Captain Dailey is forced to make a deal that’s against every pirate bone in his body.  Hmm, I wonder what deal that be.  In return, his son must save the crew from their financial problems before it is too late.  Har, I wish he be solving me financial troubles for me, aye.  In between sword fights, aye sword fights, kidnappings, a blossoming romance?! Ah, what be that about?  Ah-hem, mythical beasts, humorous pirate-isms.  What be funny about pirates? And a long-lost treasure so extraordinary, aye treasure, that it threatens to tear the crew apart they must master life changing personal finance skills. Aye, it supposed to be teaching over 118 money lessons.  And it only be 200 pages so that be good.  After all, why spend me time readin’ when I can be pillaging, ah don’t that be right me matey?  It also be saying ten percent of the sales be going to charity.  Who would want to be doing that?  I’d keep all the treasure for meself and buy me some nice crab leg dinners, ha har.

So I be hoping this book can help me with me finances.  Achieving financial freedom would make me happier than a powder money hornswoggling the hempen halter.

But as the book be saying, everybody be havin’ a different definition of financial freedom.  So what be your definition?  If ye don’t know, how can ye put together a plan to reach it?  As ye landlubbers say, if ye fail to plan, ye plan to fail. So, quit bein’ be a grog-snarfing, scurvy, pox-faced scallywag.  Figure out yer own definition of financial freedom, then map out how to get the treasure ye deserve.  Aye aye!