POFFblog #4: Expand Yer Means

Why live below yer means when ye can expand yer means?


Ahoy me hearties.  We be talking last time about living below yer means, and that be important.  Ye may be thinking that the wealthy don’t need to be living below their means, but that kind of thinking be a pile of monkey feces.  If ye be makin’ $1 million doubloons a year, but ye be spendin’ one and a half million doubloons a year, yer gonna be broke faster than an empty rum bottle juggled by the pirate who drank it. Ha har.  Just look at the celebrities making millions a year and now be bankrupt.  Aye, the only way to be building wealth is to live below your means, then save and invest the difference.

But as I be reading Pirates of Financial Freedom, it be bringing up an even more important point.  Let’s say the wealthy want to buy something that that be out of their budget.  They don’t be thinking how to spend less, they be thinkin’ how to make more.  Rather than livin’ within their means, they be figurin’ out how to expand their means.  I be liking this lesson.  Too many landlubbers be focusin’ on spending less when should be focusin’ on making more.

So watch how ye talk to yourself.  The next time ye be thinking, “I can’t afford that”, instead be asking yourself “how can I afford that?”  This be forcing your mind to think of creative ways to make more treasure, and we all be liking more treasure, don’t we matey?  If ye always tell yourself ye can’t make more money, yer mind is gonna believe it.  So what lies do ye be tellin’ yourself every day about money?  The next time ye catch yerself thinking a limiting belief of what ye can achieve, stop, and blow that thought up with the force of a dozen cannons!  Ka-boom!

This be such an important point, and ye can’t be forgetin’ it.  But how can I be making sure ye remember?  The answer be with one of me favorite past times of course: singin’ a jingle.  Aye, ever since I be a small powder monkey I be likin’ jingles, so here be one I wrote for ye lads and lassies. I hope ye like it. Ah hem.

One sad pirate had a thought, oh I can’t be rich,
He said it to himself every day, oh I can’t be rich.
With an I can’t here, and an I can’t there, here I can’t, there I can’t, everywhere I can’t can’t,
One sad pirate had a thought, oh I can’t be rich.

Then one day he asked himself, how can I be rich,
He got an idea then asked again, how can I be rich.
Another idea here and idea there, here ideas there ideas everywhere ideas ideas,
The more he asked, the more ideas he got, how can I be rich.

Now he says to-himself every day, I know I’ll be rich,
He visualizes his treasure then says, I know I’ll be rich.
With treasure here and treasure there, here be gold there be gold everywhere be gold gold,
Now he says to himself every day, I know I’ll be rich.  Aye!